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Cruz, Dee
Testing Coordinator
Gresham, Gina
Jackson, Stefani
Principal, Campus Behavior Coordinator
Smelley, Shane
Principal, Campus Behavior Coordinator


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Videos for Students: How to Use Teams 


Cushing ISD is using Microsoft Teams for virtual delivery of instruction. Teams allows virtual students to access recorded lessons, live instruction and assignments through the Teams app. 

Teams can be accessed through your laptop, phone or portable device like an iPad.

Student attendance is also logged in Teams. If the student participates in a live class, watches recorded lessons later or does assignments posted to Teams, it will count toward attendance, as long as they log in that day and access instructional materials between 12:00am and 11:59pm. 

With 1:1 devices arriving soon, it is the District's goal to eventually utilize Teams with all students so that they have 24/7 access to recorded lessons, handouts, and assignments.

Students will be provided with a school email.  Their Teams login will be the same as their email login.  When students log in to Teams they will see their classes and subjects.  If you do not have your login information please notify your counselor or principal.
If you have questions or issues, you can message your teacher in Teams by logging in, choosing a class and then going to Chat.
You can also email your teacher, counselor or principal.